Why It’s So Costly to Maintain a Luxury Car

Cost is one of the biggest factors when buying a car, but it goes beyond the cost of the vehicle itself. Drivers must also consider the cost of maintenance, insurance and repairs. All cars break down, from the least expensive economy vehicles to the most costly luxury cars, and it’s important for owners to budget for repairs. Below is a look at two of the reasons why servicing a luxury car can be more costly than expected.

Parts are Highly Advanced and Labor is Costly

Luxury cars get that designation for a reason: they’re composed of advanced, high-performance materials and they use the most cutting-edge engineering technologies. Many luxury car makers such as Mercedes and BMW make their parts in Europe, rather than outsourcing to other countries with lower labor costs. In most cases, these parts must be bought from the manufacturer, which can be costly. The combination of these factors means that luxury car parts are more expensive than those for consumer-centric vehicles, which in turn increases the cost of repairs.

Luxury Vehicles are Focused on Performance, Not Easy Repairs

Economy cars are typically built with ease of use and longevity in mind. Most cars are built to be driven for hundreds of thousands of miles, which means they’re constructed with a focus on easy maintenance, assembly and disassembly. However, luxury vehicles are designed with an eye toward power and performance, and servicing ease is a lesser consideration. It is harder to service a high-end car, and in many instances, they must be completely taken apart to access the simplest systems. This drives up labor costs, as it takes longer for techs to do common maintenance jobs.

Find a Reliable Shop for Luxury Car Service

When a driver owns a luxury vehicle, it’s important for them to find a reliable repair provider. While specialists may charge more to work on a luxury car—after all, the parts cost more and they’re often difficult to access—it’s money well spent. The best shops provide top-quality service, whether customers need bodywork, paint refinishing or simple repairs. Luxury has a price, but specialist repair shops do what they can to keep those costs manageable.