Info of Deciding on Car Insurance Plan

Looking further in to your individual car insurance needs you may need more or less than this and each small decision you make can raise or lower you premiums or protect you more or less from long-term costs. Here is a breakdown of basic types of car insurance to help you decide on which type of car insurance is best tailored to your needs:

1. Uninsured Motorist – This is a must. In most cases it is required that you to at least carry this type of insurance in case of the other driver driving illegally without car insurance. This protects you in case you cannot pay for damages out of pocket.

2. Bodily Injury Liability – This is also a must. This type of insurance is required protect against injury to those who you may have injured in an accident.

3. Property Damage Liability – This type of auto insurance protects the property of third-party individuals whose property may have been damaged by an accident.

4. Physical Damage – This type of insurance protects you against physical damage your your vehicle. There are two types, Collision and Comprehensive. Collision covers your vehicle in case of an accident. Comprehensive covers you when a collision is not involved, ie. a broken windshield or a tree falling on your vehicle during a storm.

5. Medical – This type of insurance covers medical payments to you and anyone else involved in an accident in your own vehicle.