Preparing Your Vehicle for Storage

At some point in your life, you might need to place your well-loved car, truck or van in extended storage. Unlike other objects around your home – audio system, floor vase, vacuum cleaner, etc. – your car will suffer from lack of use were you to lock up and step away for more than a few weeks. Here are some important steps to take before storing a vehicle for an extended period.

Shelter Your Automobile

You must protect your vehicle from the elements while you are away. If you do not have a garage, purchase a car cover. Make certain it is lockable. Better yet, facilities for automobile storage Lodi provide security and protection from the weather, more so than leaving your car unattended in the open.

Clean Away the Gunk

Give your car a detailed washing just before you leave. Any lingering dirt, leaves, tree sap or animal droppings will eat away at the paint, and if you put on a car cover, it will rub the dirt and cause scratches. Clean and shine any chrome strips and wash the windows. Completely dry your car with a soft cloth, or water spots will permanently blot the surface. Finally, clear clutter from and vacuum out the interior to eliminate the temptation for critters to seek food and shelter.

Focus on the Fluids

If you have not changed your car’s oil recently, now is the time, whether you choose to use a garage or change it yourself. Oil contaminants build up over time, and they will circulate throughout the engine when you drive the car upon your return. Top off all fluids. Finally, add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank, followed by a quick drive to circulate it through the fuel system.

Do These Odds and Ends?

You are almost finished. Finally, perform these miscellaneous tasks: Disconnect your battery to prevent power drainage; inflate your tires to alleviate flat spots and raise or remove your windshield wipers to keep them from sticking to the windshield.

It takes some work to prepare your vehicle for lengthy storage. If you take these steps, however, you will return to a well-functioning machine.